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Dec 09, 2020 at 08:23 AM

Dimension with Data access control


Hi Experts,

I have a dimension which has data access control set on the data. Dimension(Service Station) has 36 members. Each user has different members assigned as per what they need to see and access. If the user has access to 4 members in the list, it should only show 4 members and the data should be displayed in 4 different charts along with one other dimension(Day) and key figure(Amount). BTW I have added a filter to show the assigned members in the app individually and I have made all 36 charts to show members separately.

At the moment it is showing only those members when logged in as an appropriate user but my issue is how this can be achieved dynamically because if the user has only 4 members assigned, it shows 4 charts but the rest of 32 charts are blank(Obviously user doesn’t have access to those members) as you can see which I don’t want to show them in the app.

How this can be achieved and what is the best approach? I’m sure this can be achieved by scripting. Can someone be kind enough to advice on this issue please.

I really appreciate your help.


charts.png (306.6 kB)