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Dec 09, 2020 at 03:15 AM

"matching rate" becomes 1.0 at any time and the error message is not displayed (Conversational AI)


In SAP Conversational AI, whether the community edition or the enterprise edition, sometimes all input sentences are considered to match the intents totally which I have created, no matter how different from the sentences registered in the intents as the attached screenshots. As a result, the error message is not displayed.

I would really appreciate it if you tell me how to solve this problem.

The procedure is as follows:

1.creating a new bot

What do you want your chatbot to do?→Perform Actions

predefined skills→choosing no skills

Create your bot→No Description, Topics:Jobs, Language:English

Data Policy→Non-personal, Store, Non-vulnerable

Bot visibility→Private

2.creating an intent as the screenshot screenshot1-intent.jpg

Matching strictness: 95

sentence: 会社の正式名称を教えて

※No other intents are made.

3.creating a skill(Type, Trigger) (skill-1.jpg)

Type: floating

Trigger: If @<intent name> is-present

4.setting Actions (skill-2.jpg)

Condition: If @<intent name> is-present


send message>text>”ABC株式会社”

5.setting fallback (fallback.jpg)

choosing the tab Actions→setting the message ”すみません、よくわかりません。” without adding any condition

6.test (monitor.jpg)

Writing any message, no matter how different from the sentence included in the intent, the skill which is not the fallback skill is triggered.

※No skills except for the two skills created in the procedure above are created.


skill-1.jpg (21.4 kB)
skill-1.jpg (21.4 kB)
skill-2.jpg (82.2 kB)
fallback.jpg (54.4 kB)
monitor.jpg (121.0 kB)