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Dec 08, 2020 at 10:25 AM

Marketing area determination based on a custom field


Hello Gurus,

We are replicating accounts from ECC and C4C using CUAN_BUSINESS_PARTNER_IMP_SRV, and we want to determine the marketing area of an account automatically based on his Sales org.

As I understand, there's two ways to achive that :

Option 1- In CPI iFlow, create a logic that match the value of Sales org with the right Marketing area

Option 2- Create a custom field in SAP Marketing Cloud, and then create a custom logic on import to update the marketing area automatically (Source : BAdl documentation) :

For Option 1, we are facing an issue : We can't find the node MarketingArea in the iFlow.

So, we are proceeding with option 2 :

In Marketing Cloud we created a custom field "YY1_SALESORGANIZATION", where the value of the sales org of an account is copied from C4C :

So I wrote this code :

IF contact_data-YY1_SALESORGANIZATION_MCP IS NOT INITIAL AND contact_data-id_origin EQ 'SAP_C4C_BUPA'.
      IF contact_data-YY1_SALESORGANIZATION_MCP EQ 'SO_111'
         marketing_area = 'MKT_FRANCE'

But it's not working. My knowledge in BAdl is very limited.

Could you please suggest a better Code ?

Best regards,



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