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Dec 06, 2020 at 01:49 AM

Lumira Designer - Mandatory Promots doBackgroundprocessing()

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We are using SAP Lumira Designer with IDT universe as a source. The data is pulled from a derived table that has Mandatory Prompts (by the way does IDT allow for Optional Prompts in Derived tables?) ? Since the prompts are mandatory, defined the default value in “On Variable Initialization” using"setVariableValueExt".

We have 2 data sources with mandatory prompts:

1. I want to process DS_2 in Background. So defined "APPLICATION.doBackgroundProcessing();" in “On Startup”.

2. For DS_2 "Load in Script" is set to "True"

3. For DS_1 "Load in Script" is set to "False"

4. Defined "On Background Processing" is defined as "DS_2.loadDataSource();"

When I run the dashboard the Prompts show up again and they do not have any value associated for DS_2 data source. How can I avoid the prompt from showing up again? The second data source runs for additional 30 SEC which is an ideal candidate for loading in background. Any idea on how i can accomplish loading DS_2 in background without getting the Prompt window?