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Dec 08, 2020 at 07:55 PM

ITS Mobile and Android


We are currently running WM ITS mobile on two different Windows Mobile devices using two different browsers without any issues. We are in the process of testing out our application on a Zebra TC52 Android device with Enterprise Browser and a wireless ring scanner. We are experiencing inconsistencies, where after scanning a bar code the data isn't being returned to the field on the screen. The ring scanner has been configured to perform an enter after scanning a bar code, and the system is configured to then advance to the next screen. For example, you are in LM06, scan the delivery, and the system should take you to the screen to scan the bin. We are seeing instances where after scanning the bar code the data is returned to the screen, but it appears like the enter never happened. Since we are new to using a Android device, has anyone else experienced these inconsistencies, or possible point me to what is causing these inconsistencies?