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Dec 08, 2020 at 04:50 AM

BW query copy from standard DSO to ADSO



I have activated all business content model [Standard DSO & Cube] and copied them into Z-ADSO. In my project i need to recreate all queries on top of standard Multiprovider to new CP without activating the business content queries in development.[As activating data models are permitted,i just copied from DSO to ADSO]

1)If activation of standard queries on top of multiprovider is not allowed on development, Do we have any option for recreation of same queries on composite provider apart from manually creating?

2)If above option is not there,please confirm whether i can copy standard queries on top of multiprovider into my new Z-composite provider using any tcode in bw7.5?

3)how can we see exact standard bex query template of those standard business content queries inorder to manually create new one?