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Dec 03, 2020 at 08:47 PM


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Hello, I ask for your help regarding the use of CrystallReports with VisualStudios Community:
Are there any restrictions on using the SDK, Engine and ReportViewer in this version of the IDE?

If not, I ask you to help me with the following problems:

The report is always empty, even if I use a sql server.dbo database;
When placing a reportViewer in a webform, it accuses the reference error:
"The type name or namespace" Crystal Report Viewer "does not exist in the 
CrystallDecisions.Web namespace".
I can't move forward on something that is simple.
Could you please provide a standard code for Page_Load and a button that calls the preview, since the ones I got from the internet also don't work.
Is there any detail I am not aware of ajsuatr - like ScriptManager, updatePanel, Content etc?
Are there any conflicts when using webform with MasterPage? 
Does the ReportViewer have to be inside the <form> tag?

Forgive me for the questions, but I've been in this phase of trying and failing for a long time. 
I have created countless projects, installed and uninstalled the SDK and Engine several times.
Please, I beg - your help.

Thank you very much.

Andre Totslaw