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Dec 06, 2020 at 01:56 PM

Error while activating BC Set in Solman Retrofit



I am facing an issue with activating the BC set while performing Retrofit for conflict object.

I am facing an issue only with a specific object (PRCV_CONDTYPE)as previous Transport for the same object which BC-SET was activated was not processed correctly.

When I checked the BC-SEt activation log in transaction SCPR20 I could see the following errors.

'Please enter an access sequence'

'Activation of customizing object PRCV_CONDTYPE with errors'

'Activation of BC Set ZCHARM_I000000070_DM1K901560 ended with errors'

'You activated or simulated the activation of BC Set &2. Errors probably occurred during the activation or stimulation (e.g. when writing data into the database tables)'

Could you pls advise how to resolve the issue?

Note: I am facing BC Set activation only with the above specific object for other objects it's working fine.

We using Solman 7.2 SP08