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Dec 05, 2020 at 08:45 PM

when I create sales order the requirement type "KSL" would be determined instead of 041,


hear we can change it manually in sales order 041 instead of KSL hear the problem is when we crate sale order i want 041 requirement type should be determined directly not for manual ? what is the reason behind that system should not take automatically 041 requirement type ? normally the requirement type should be determined in to sales document based on

strategy grp + MRP grp+ MRP type+ item category right!

hear in material master in MRP- 3 view I maintained strategy group as - 10 [for make to stock],

and Maintained MRP GRP -xxx in material master in MRP 1 view

and maintained MRP type as - PD [relevant for planning] in MRP 1 view

any one can you explain clearly ?