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Dec 04, 2020 at 11:14 AM

Inizialization error

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Hi experts

i've just installed a new instance of hybris 2005 with mysql as DB.

the steps i've executed are the following:

install -r CX -A initAdminPassword=yourpass
ant initilize

all the commands finisched correctly and without error.

now, when i run

ant updatesystem

i've the following erroe:

ERROR [hybrisHTTP3] [HacInitUpdateFacade] Failed to initialize org.apache.ddlutils.DatabaseOperationException: java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: Table 'schemaName.junit_numberseries' doesn't exist

i've no junit_numberseries item in my custom extension, i'm expecting this table is being created by initialization process.

can anybody help me?

Best regards