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Dec 03, 2020 at 03:42 AM

UUID in hyphen separated representation in SAP HANA



I need to convert a UUID from RAW16 format to hyphenated representation, or better put another way, I need to generate and insert into a table a UUID which must be in hyphen separated format.

1. So far I have UUID fields like this: 0050569A14531ED5B9CB7E54178C13F0

2. I need the inserted value to be as follows: 0050569a-1453-1ed5-b9cb-7e54178c13f0.

I explain the situation in greater depth:

I am working on a project developed in SAP HANA Express and SAP CAP. Despite using SAP CAP, most of the project functionalities have been programmed at the Database level (using SQLScript).

In that context, I have a table that is exposed in an SAP CAP service with the @readonly annotation (that is, it can only be queried with HTTP GET requests). The insertion of data in that read-only table is done in a BEFORE INSERT trigger of another table (table which is write-only, that is, annotation @insertonly).

The UUID of the first table (table @readonly) I create using SYSUUID or NEWUID as part of a SQL INSERT INTO statement. This UUID is created in RAW16 format (or the format that I showed in 1). However, when I try to query (GET requests) the @readonly table, I receive an error message indicating that there is a problem deserializing the UUID.

I understand or think I understand (even from the error message itself) that I need to change the format of the UUID to hyphen separated representation.

Is it possible to do what I am looking for?

How can I do this? (Especially at the SQLScript level, since the handling of the @readonly table is at that level).

Thankful in advance for any help and/or suggestions.