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Dec 01, 2020 at 02:45 PM



Hi experts!

We have a quite complex planning environment with an Aggregation Layer (AL) on top of a HCPR on top of 4 ADSO, one of them type direct update for planning: we implemented characteristic relationships with CHECK and CREATE methods by redefining superclass CL_RSPLS_CR_EXIT_BASE on that d.u. ADSO..

F4-help is working as expected. Furthermore in CREATE, additionally to E_TH_CHAS I fill a globally defined internal table for checking against it in CHECK.

Check also works fine, but…

… the planning query has two columns, one with plan data of last year (not input-ready) and one with current planning year and versions (FY/VERS e.g.: 2020/BC and 2021/BC. Checking refers to characteristics CharA and CharB in the rows.

The Problem: I_S_CHAS in method CHECK delivers characteristic pairs which don’t exist:

e.g.: Last year we planned 2020/BC+A+B, but the interface delivers (what it should not in any case), but delivers: 2021/BC+A+B and as A this year is not permitted, an error is thrown (as we definded it because this year, A+B ist not valid.

If I understand well, I don't expect new derivations from somewhere in the background in I_S_CHAS but only posted plan data or one contained in the buffer.

Any hint on what could be wrong is highly appreciated! Thank you for your help!

Kind regards, Otto