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Nov 26, 2020 at 03:05 PM

MaxDB backup on Storeonce Protected shared drive and restore on DR site


Hi all,

We are trying to first trigger backup of MaxDB (Primary) on Storeonce Drive which is password protected. When trying to do so, its resulting in below error.


-903 Host file I/O error 3,Data backup failed 113,Open medium on \\10.XXXX.0.XXX\Share\test\DAT1 for WRITE failed Servertask Info: because Error in backup task occured Job 1 (Backup / Restore Medium Task) [executing] WaitingT69 Result=3700 Error in backup task occured, Error code 3700 "hostfile_error" 1,Open file \\10.XXXX.0.XXX\Share\test\DAT1 failed, CreateFile(WRITE,CREATE) returned 'The user name or password is incorrect. ' (1326) Please check the database process owner and the path permissions for correctness. The current process owner is 'SYSTEM'.


Please share dbmcli command that will enable maxdb to trigger backup on password protected shared drive (from storeonce).

Step 2: We have this drive from storeonce accessible from DR site. Again its password protected. We now need dbmcli command to restore from backup taken earlier (on storeonce drive).

Thanks & Appreciate help in advance.