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Dec 02, 2020 at 04:51 PM

Delete Package and associated Function group via SE80 - "Object xyz is still assigned to package"


When trying to delete the highlighted package via right-click->Delete, i get the error message in 1.png


However, I can't find the function group that the message says is still assigned to the package. SE80 says the function group doesn't exist: (see 2.png)

TADIR shows the following corresponding entries: (see 3.png)

SE01 shows no unreleased change requests.

How do I get rid of the of the FUGR (function group) object, and its association with the highlighted package in screenshot 1, so that I can delete the package?


1.png (63.8 kB)
2.png (30.7 kB)
3.png (29.3 kB)