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Dec 02, 2020 at 10:17 AM

Barcode/QR code generation in 1905


I need some help/suggestions for a recent requirement wherein we were using barcode functionality from 6.1v and post upgrade 1905 this was deprecated. Below are few details as how were use to generate/show a QRCode in our packslip.

- Extension "mobileservices"

- Jar - "mobileservicesserver.jar" and below are few classes which were used in 6.1

de.hybris.platform.mobileservices.facade.impl.DefaultCode2DService.class de.hybris.platform.mobileservices.barcode.DeeplinkBarcodeGenerator.class de.hybris.platform.mobileservices.facade.BarcodeMediaService.class de.hybris.platform.mobileservices.facade.impl.DefaultBarcodeMediaService

Since this feature was removed post 1811 - Do we have any support for this in 1905 ?