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Nov 28, 2020 at 11:18 AM

How to remove Plan Revenue Cost from WBS


PS Gurus:

In our Company, we auto roll up Plan and Revenue costs directly from Sales order via some form of enhancement. The Sales oerder Net price is mapped to Plan Revenue on WBS while another Condition type is mapped to Plan cost on the WBS. We manually assigned this WBS at Sales order item's level. The solution works fine such that both the Revenue and Plan costs are auto updated on the WBS and can be displayed on both the SLR* Report and CJ41/43. The Question is if the WBS on which Costs have been rolled up is been removed and replaced with a different WBS on the Sales order items, how do we remove the costs earlier rolled up on the previous WBS which is no longer assigned to the Sales order items? We would like both the Plan and Revenue costs to indicate zero to avoid duplicacy.

PLEASE help!