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Nov 27, 2020 at 10:10 AM

Allocation process with Booking Account in SAP Analytics Cloud


Hi Experts,

I've a simple allocation case where I want to allocate the cost of a few cost centers (9010, 4000, 4020, 06-TF) to other cost centers.

In order to differentiate direct cost and allocated cost, I created different account type : EXPENSES where I have my original direct cost for every cost center & ALLOCATION where I have my allocated cost (IN type for receiver cost centers and OUT type for sender cost centers) regarding sender cost centers . Finally I sum the two of them with a TOTAL account on top.


For each cost center to allocate, I created two steps:

  1. To allocate cost of one cost center to other cost center in the booking ALLOCATION_IN account of the sender cost center 1st-allocation-step.png
  2. To eliminate cost of the sender cost center in the booking ALLOCATION_OUT account of the sender cost center in order to have a TOTAL account of zero 2nd-allocation-step.png

Everything is working well when I launch the process for the 1st time but if I launch the process again (because new cost has to be allocated), it duplicates my values in "ALLOCATION" accounts. However I overwrite target values at each time in my steps, so I don't understand why it appends values.