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Nov 25, 2020 at 03:19 PM

BPM message start definition different from ESR definition


Hi all,

I am making a BPM process. I have created all development object in the ESR. When I import the WSDL for the start event trigger, the structure seems to be different from what I defined in ESR, even after deleting the WSDL and re-import it. See below images:

Part of the definition in ESR

What the BPM expects (NWA --> configuration --> processes and tasks --> process repository--> 'start process') :

The whole 'Afmelding' node is missing.

In NWDS itself there seems to be no problem:

Does anyone what can cause this and what to do about it?


dataesr.png (10.4 kB)
databpm.png (29.4 kB)
datanwds.png (10.2 kB)