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Nov 25, 2020 at 06:43 AM

New plant


Hi Experts,

I have a business requirement like this: Whenever customers return products, it should goes to a return plant (New Zplant 0001) not at the plant (plant0001) from where the sales order was initially created. For example, Sales order (with item quantity 10) is created using a plant 0001. Order to cash cycle is completed. Later customer wants to return damage partial product. At this point business wants to create ZRE order for a new return plant Say Zplant 01.

What I did.

1: Created new zplant-Sloc for the same sales org and c code.

2: Created ZRE doc type by coping RE with defaulted ZR shipping condition in Shipping control area of the ZRE document. (For shipping point determination)

3: Created ZShipping point and assigned to plant.

Here I am facing two issues: First when I am creating ZRE order, the delivering plant is not determine automatically in ZRE order (which is obvious), second if I change plant manually, the next issue material is not extended to new plant (Return Plant).

Can someone help me please how to default new plant (Zplant 01) instead plant 0001 and how the returned material automatically extended on this plant.

Is any customizing or enhancement? If enlighten me with a detail please.