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Feb 16, 2017 at 02:02 PM

Fiori Launchpad: TypeError: sap.ui.table.Table is not a constructor



while testing my SAPUI5 application within the Fiori Launchpad, I get an error on all sites where I've used an instance of sap.ui.table.Table. In my WebIDE it all works fine but once I have it deployed to the Launchpad, all the table views are crashing with the error "TypeError: sap.ui.table.Table is not a constructor" and remain emtpy.

I'm using the table constructor in the following way:

var table = new sap.ui.table.Table();

What I've tried so far: In the Fiori Configuration Cockpit I changed in the System Setting the "SAPUI5 Version" to the same version that I'm using for the development which is 1.42.8.

Any thoughts what went wrong?