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Nov 24, 2020 at 10:42 AM

Unable to Connect to Gateway based External Service using Node js based SAP CAP Project

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Dear Experts,

I am getting error - PERSISTENCE_SKIP_NO_GENERIC_CRUD while triggering READ request on External Service in Production Environment.

Details of the Application Landscape is as follows -

My CAP service is deployed on HANA XS Advanced (On-Premise) and I am trying to access Gateway based Service from backend SAP HANA System.

Below is the screenshot of package.json - External Service section -

Here I have specified path parameter as the Destination has been configured generically pointing to backend system and not to the exact service.

.edmx and .csn file has been correctly placed in srv/external folder.

Below is the screenshot of external service custom handler which I have implemented -

Below is the screenshot of the error I am getting in XSA Cockpit - service logs -

Update - Details of CDS Model Implementations added -

  1. Screenshot of External Service I imported and it's csn file - pointing to APTypeSet which I am trying to consume -

  2. Screenshot of the CAP Service .cds model where I have consumed this external service -

  3. Screenshot of node js custom handler - where I have handle 'READ' handler for CAP Service

  4. Screenshot of ExternalHandler.js ( Here I have passed Hard coded values for APTypeSet data to show that it's getting triggered correctly, if I do not connect to external service from here )

  5. Response of APTypeSet READ call from CAP Service -

  6. But as I mentioned in the Query I raised, while trying to connect to external service I consumed I am getting the error I mentioned in original query.

Could you please suggest, if there is anything I am missing out upon.

Let me know, in case any additional information is required from my end.

Best Regards,

Shyam Vasani