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Nov 24, 2020 at 10:27 AM

Fiori Approve Leave Request V3- Missing functionalities as per note 2938524 not getting resolved



Implementing Approve Leave request V3, but the leave appearing in My inbox app is not showing the leave date and other details just as mentioned in note 2938524. Followed the note 2791031 for resolution but no luck. This is happening after upgrading front end server 5.0 to 6.0 and HCM back end components with maintenance planner.

Backend is ECC.

Reiterating the steps followed:

1. My inbox app is implemented.

2. Approve Leave V3 app implemented. Leaves are coming into my inbox app but with missing functionalities.

Leave approval and rejection is happening as usual with approve and reject buttons.

3. switch PTMW FABFI with value X activated in table T77S0 for non workflow leaves.

4. Task type 27000001 (newly delivered )classified as general.

5. Tasks 21500003 and 21500004 changed to intent based navigation in SWFVISU.

6. Maintained the Task names and Decision options in config. at backend.

6. Checked SWFVMD1, no task/visualization maintained.

7. Added target mapping of approve leave V3 into a custom catalog already having target mapping of My inbox app.

8. Roles assigned to user in front end and backend with that of my inbox app and approve leave V3.

Front end is 6.0 with UIBAS001 500 0002 SAP FIORI FOR SAP HCM2.0

and back end is :






Kindly suggest if anything I am missing further in integrating approve leave V3 with My inbox app.