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Nov 20, 2020 at 04:51 PM

CM25 Group requirements per Functional location


Dear experts,

My requirement is to set up CM25 to display dispatched capacity requirements grouped per Functional Location. It means 1 line per functional location . Desired design in picture below, each requirement represented with graphical bar in green.

I tried changing the selection profil with a multidimensional set composed of standard set 5KTPLNRV and 5KKBEDSELIDE (to filter only dispatched requirements) but I get an error message when executing CM25 "No ressource or order found".

Usually in planning table there is 1 line per work center or per person or per operation but as Functional Location (TPLNR) is availble as standard set I thought we could use it to group requirements.

If you already encountered such a demand, I would appreciate your ideas.



kgzdy.png (7.0 kB)