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Nov 19, 2020 at 07:33 PM

MIRO, unplanned delivery cost, FF729 warning message



I configured "Configure How Unplanned Delivery Costs Are Posted" to 1 "Distribute Among Invoice Items Incl. Planned Delivery Costs", so that I want to distribute the unplanned delivery cost amount into inventory on MIRO.

During the testing, I found that when I enter a positive amount at unplanned delivery cost FF729 warning message is shown at posting the document. FF729 message says "Item cash XXXXX larger than open item amnts total XXXXX". However, I entered the balanced amount like (Invoice Amount = Total Line Amount + Unplanned delivery cost). The FF729 message doesn't make sense to me.

Why such a warning message (FF729) is shown? Is it possible to stop showing this message?

SAP version is ERP 6.0 EhP 6