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Nov 19, 2020 at 04:51 PM

EPMSaveComment does not work in offline collection


Hi all,

I have a report with EPMSaveComment as a local member in one column and the the cells it references for retrieving/inputting comment that is also declared a local member with no formula .

Saving comments works perfectly when I use the report inside EPM add-in and use Save Data, however when use the data collection process, the report never saves the comments. It does dave the changed data if there are any though.

I am kind of stuck as I need to collect comments through a great numbers of reports.

I tried different things but the comments never get saved with offline collection.

I tried also to use a cell that was not a local member as the reference cell but no difference.

Any idea where this problem can come from ?

I have tried with EPM add-in sp35 patch4 and with sp38 patch2, I get the same problem.

Thanks for any help