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Nov 19, 2020 at 03:02 PM

Shelf Life on Raw Materials and MRP Calculation MD04


Hi SAP experts,

I am currently working as a material planner for a larger pharma company. I have found it increasingly difficult to plan purchase orders when the MD04 doesn't take account for expired batches in the future. What I have found, was that the current stock is not changed when the batch expires. This is something I would like to resolve.

Is there a way for MD04 to plan process orders or planned order while taking account for batch expiry dates?

I hope that I have made myself clear, but in case I didn't, I will try to give a an example.

I have drawn 2 examples, one without this "warning" or calculation in the system (current) and one with an MRP that calculates shelf life for its materials. The first MRP will place a planned order at 24.12, though once we will get to that date, we would have experienced stockout, as the stock is obsolesce by the 19th of December, meaning that reserv at 22th December would be delayed. At that point, it will be too late to react. If the system had given shelf life information to the MRP, it would have proposed a PLA.OR on the 18th, which would be preferable.

Sure, placing a safety stock on this particular example would have helped, unless the safety stock also expires...

Therefor I would like to hear you out, are there a way for me to resolve this? How can I get the MRP to take account for shelf life and for the futures expired dates?


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