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Nov 20, 2020 at 02:40 AM

how can i use cost element category 43 on assessment?


i know the cost element category 42 is for assessment and 43 is for internal allocation.

when i create assessment cycle, i had to use cost element category 42. now, the question ouccured.

i have to use cost element category 43 to assign activity type. but, cost element category 43 don't exist on assessment cycle. so i made 42 and 43 each other like 42 labor, machine, setup 43 기계장치, 셋업, 노무비(it is korean so u just ignore).

and i used the 43 on assessment, executed the cycle. then, 43 had the actual and plan values, but 42 didn't have actual values. so is it not necessary that the 42 have actual values? then, why did i assign the activity type?

i don't know what is assessment, and why the result have happend? pls, tell me the answer. and how to i get the actual activity type values?