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Nov 19, 2020 at 08:04 AM

GOSI is being deducted after employee termination


Dear Experts

I am using country grouping 24 for Saudi Payroll and currently facing the issue during the scenario of employee termination.

I hired one employee on 1st of November, updated the Infotype 3252 (Social Insurance SA) so system could calculate and deduct GOSI from his salary, processed November payroll and then closed the payroll.

Then I terminated employee on 1st of December next month with separation reason 'Contract Termination', and when I processed Dec payroll the system still calculates and deducts the GOSI amount which in result coming under 'Claim' amount as salary allowances are not being calculated (which is right as per standard). I already defined 'Contract Termination' reason as dismissal under feature 24EOS for country grouping 24.

Also, the system does not process the EOSB standard wage type /670 which is payout for EOS. However, the system calculated the provision amount for EOS wage type under /650 previous month in November. Also, when I run simulation for previous month November (which I already executed and closed), the system brings /670 wage type for EOS payout, which infact should have been processed for Dec period.

I have attached the screenshot for December simulation as the reference.


Please your suggestion.



dec-salary.jpg (128.4 kB)