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Nov 19, 2020 at 06:35 AM

MDG-M : Auto Populate Valuation data without clicking on ADD button on UIBB


Hi ,

We are on MDG-M version 9 co-deployed on S4/HANA system.

1st Point:

User wants to auto populate the Valuation data(header) based on plant data for the material.

The problem here is that the system is populating the data only when user clicks on ADD button of valuation entity UIBB(attached)

How to auto populate the each plant valuation data WITHOUT clicking on the ADD button on the Valuation Area Plant UIBB?

2nd Point:

I want to filter/show valuation class F4 help values based on material type selection on MDG UIBB. How to acheive this, pl advice.

Please advise.