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Nov 18, 2020 at 05:38 PM

Subcontracting component PR remains in MD04 after GR of finished product



i have the following case.

1 finished product to be assembled by a subcontractor

The finished product consists of 3 components of which 2 are supplied to the subcontractor directly from the vendor, and 1 is supplied to the subcontractor from our storage location.

The BOM explode generates 1 subcontractor PR for the finished product and a PR for each component.

I create a PO for the finished product PR

Now the 2 PR's for the external vendors are converted into PO's and received in subcontractor stock which raised the subcon stock

The other component has also a PR and according to this scenario (link) I should do the posting via ME2O (

Now at this stage all the component stock is at the subcontractor.

After GR of the finished product in our storage location the following happens:

Finished product after GR is raised in our storage location (correct)

Component from vendor booked to 0 after GR of finished product in storage location (correct)

Component which is supplied from our storage location to the subcontractor still has an open PR even after GR of the finished product in our sloc

Also in ME2O i keep seeing an open reservation

In the MRP area of the subcontractor (LBW_LUM) i have entered special procurement key 20 for the components from external vendor and 45 for the component from sloc (i have to enter a special procurement key). Without speical procurement key the subcontracting process works fine on MRP 1 level NOT MRP area level. Here i work with deliveries, the MRP area i do the posting directly from ME2O as the documentation in the link describes.

Any idea why the PR is not disappearing after the GR of the finished product?