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Nov 24, 2020 at 05:04 AM

multiple prices for same material/vendor


The organisation I work for procures from multiple consignment vendors via the consignment process.

i.e. goods issue on consumption, auto replenish via MRP ($0 PO to vendor), payment by consignment settlement.

Our challenge is that in some cases, we pay a higher rate for the same material from the same vendor (public vs. private healthcare). We have considered duplicating all consignment material numbers, but we would have to maintain stock of both - same as if we created duplicate vendors (one with public pricing, the other with private). We use a PDEU (scanner) to perform the goods issue at the point of consumption, but even if we had another info record with the private price (everything is the public price by default), there is no place to choose which info record to draw the pricing etc. from. We also cannot do this in the consignment settlement. I am sure there's a way, but even with the help of our functional & technical consultants/experts, we have been unable to find it.