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Nov 20, 2020 at 09:32 PM

BW/4 and PI - (Best) practice to transfer data from RESTful provider --> PI --> BW/4 (aDSO?)


Dear all,

we are planning to integrate a third party (on premise) system that provides a REST API over PI (PO) to BW/4

  • Message flow will be synchronous: BW/4 (???) --> PI --> 3rd Party (REST)
  • Data flow will be 3rd Party --> PI --> BW/4

So BW/4 is basically querying the 3rd Party.

Normally my approach for that would be designing the interface on PI, create an ABAP proxy on SAP Backend (here BW/4) and execute that ABAP consumer proxy just as I see fit for the respective task at hand.

Now I know that there is something called aDSO in BW/4. According to your all "crowd wisdom"...

  1. Is aDSO a good thing to use in such a scenario? (not sure every PI-head will have an answer for that, but that is why the community has tags, right?)
  2. Is my approach with an ABAP consumer proxy still valid? If not, are there better alternatives
  3. If I end up in ABAP and using aDSO: Will I then use the API like here to fill them?

Many thanks and Cheers