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Nov 19, 2020 at 02:57 PM

CrossTab Imbedded Summary If Statement


I am rather new to cross tabs. I am trying to use one to generate some inventory data. I have a total of 10 warehouses in my cross tab and I am getting the count of items in those warehouses. What I want to do is determine for that warehouse how many items need to be counted per day by an employee to complete an inventory in a calendar year.

I found the formula

Roundup((GridValueAt (CurrentRowIndex, CurrentColumnIndex ,0 ) / 365))

This returns exactly what I would expect. In Warehouse1 I have 23 parts so my count per day would be 1. In Warehouse 12 I have 817 parts so my count would be 3. The issue I have is I want to change my formula based on the warehouse.

Convert the above formula to and if, then, else statement based on the warehouses in my cross tab?