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Nov 19, 2020 at 12:29 PM

Opendocument specifications for BOBJ Fiorified Launchpad


Good day,

working on BOBJ 4.2 SP7 P1000: I have a collection of related WebI documents that I want to have consumed in the fiorified launchpad (/BOE/BILaunchpad). To enable an optimal user experience I want to link them via opendocument. Some of them require prompts.

I would like to open the next document "in place"/close the source document. Otherwise I'm collecting background documents until an error message stops the user from following another link.

In the "old" launchpad you could fiddle with the target attribute of the link (e.g. They don't work the same way in the fiorified launchpad. Is there any alternative?

Thanks in advance!