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Nov 18, 2020 at 08:15 PM

Material Exchange in Replenishment Deliveries


SAP Parts Interchangeability documentation says the system should be able to automatically execute an availability check and make a FFF Class exchange when creating and Outbound delivery through transaction VL10B, RVV50R10C.

"If the availability check fails and a delivery is not created, the system tries to create a subitem in the stock transport order with the material that is available. If the availability check fails and the delivery is created with a partial quantity or with a zero quantity, the system creates an error report and the incorrect delivery is displayed on the corresponding tab page.
If the creation of sub-items caused errors, the system creates an error report and the stock transport order displayed on the appropriate tab page"

However when I run it, its not checking availability, exchanging and not creating a delivery. The Error log does not display as described in Material Exchange documetation, Just looks “normal”

In my dev system I have made all the noted Configuration Pre-requisites’

Configuration pre-requisites for Material Exchange in Replenishment Deliveries.

1. If you want to activate the function for creating subitems in stock transport orders when availability fails during the creation of the replenishment delivery, you must have made settings for the automatic creation of subitems and the automatic selection of material for process code VL10STO – DONE

2. For Outbound delivery creation, you must ensure that the item category used for replenishment delivery has the following settings:
Delivery Item Category NLN
The Check Quantity 0 should be set to error

- =C “Dismiss situation with error message only in create mode” – DONE
AvailCkoff should be blank – Currently switched off – set to blank “Check availability”: DONE

3. For the error log, you must ensure that for the profile used for roles in VL10B to create replenishment deliveries, Log F Code is set to ‘Y’ = Display Log in the same window .
Profile Z002 – DONE

When we execute VL10B the METHOD EXCHG_IN_STO_FROM_VL10 SAP in CL_ADPIC_EXCHG_STO is not being called.

Have we missed something?