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Nov 18, 2020 at 03:34 AM

Decimal place in pricing condition value routine - Move string value to a p type variable


Hi there,

I tried to search but failed to find any valuable info. to my issue, hence I raise it here.

I am going to create a SD pricing condition value routine with purpose of rounding the condition value.

I create the condition value routine via VOFM as below.

I've create the routine 978 (form RV64A978), to demonstrate my query I simplified the code as below.

When I tried to move the string value of variable lv_pricechar = '0.01' to p type variable lv_price_arr it becomes 0.0001(expected value should be 0.01) which was divided by 100.

But when I copied the same codes to create a new report program and ran directly, the lv_price_arr turns to be 0.0100 now in the program.

Anyone know why within the pricing condition value routine run the lv_price_arr would be divided by 100 when its value was copied from a char type variable.

Appreciated your clarification.

Thank you!



vofm-formulas.png (20.8 kB)
routine-978.png (52.9 kB)
report.png (51.9 kB)