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Nov 18, 2020 at 02:58 PM

Assignment Profile Job Scheduling


Dear SF Learning Community,

we are about to implement SF Learning and GoLive in Dec. Now we setup lots of Assignment Profiles to ensure automated Training assignment. As of now, no employee has access to learning. In order to avoid that employees receive a training assignment prior to have access to Learning, we planned to propagate all Assignment profiles at one time.

  • Do you have any solutions how to handle that?
  • Is it possible to propagate/ execute changes on multiple APs in parallel?
  • We also thought of: Scheduling the Job for a certain time on the GoLive Date (e.g. 2020-12-09 01:00). Do you know is there a limitation, how many jobs can be scheduled for execution at one time?
  • And, if I define rules for an AP today, plan the job to be scheduled for December also today but tomorrow I change the rules in the AP, do I have to schedule the Job once more or will the originally planned job still be valid?