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Nov 17, 2020 at 07:09 PM

SNMP trapsend not sending alerts Unknown Object Identifier error in SLG1


Hello, I am trying to configure snmp trapsend to send alerts to a 3rd party provider. Currently when I run my command (-v 2c -m MIB:SAP-MIB -M DIR:/sapmnt/KPD/exe/uc/linuxx86_64/snmplib/MIBS -c public UDP:ri3pa010:162 '' SAP-MIB::r3frunTrap) in sm49 or on the OS level is produces no error log as seen below.

Below is the error in slg1

This is the sar file I am using SNMPLIB_518-80002573.SAR, currently I am on kernel 753 patch 700

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


afibs.png (43.2 kB)
qxxgm.png (64.8 kB)
eye3m.png (79.0 kB)