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Nov 17, 2020 at 05:30 AM

Business partner functions in sales data replication between C4C and S4



We've got SAP C4C and SAP S/4 integration. We also have CPI in our landscape. We create accounts on C4C side and replicate them into S/4 (as business partners). But business partners (account) can be created in both sides.

There are business partners' functions assigned to business partner in S/4 in sales data. Like payer, bill-to party, ship-to party etc.

At C4C side we have no the same functionality. Only sales team, where the employees only can be assigned and business partner's relationships. Now we use the relationships to determine payers, ships-to-party and so on in sales orders and other business transactions on C4C side.

But for S/4 processes we need to fill payer and ship-to-party in business partner's functions after replicationg the newly created account from C4C.

Is there some solution to make this? Maybe there is some BAdi on S/4 side to fill the roles in business partner (S/4) based on relationships or so on? Or there is the way to make mapping in CPI? Or some another solution?

A great thanks for any help!

Thanks in advance and best regards, Andrey Romanovsky.