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Nov 18, 2020 at 09:24 AM

MD04 Exception message 15 for shipping notifications



I need help to understand how Exception Message 15 affect Shipping Notifications in MD04.

We are talking about Purchase Schedule Agreement Shpg Notifications..

Since Shipping Notifications has supposed to be confirmed dates, I do not get why MRP rises an exception for them.

In detail the issue is the fact that MRP suggest exception 15 (pospone operation) on the Shipping Notification row,

while proposes to anticipate (exception 10) normal schedule line.

I read some threat explaining the Exception 15 is carried on by the OPPR and OPPQ settings over the re-scheduling tolerances. By the way.. in OPPQ shipping notification are excluded by re-scheduling and even if I set empty the tolerance value for displacement, no changes after mrp run.

In OPPR I checked the rescheduling horizon for the material mrp group, but it is empty too..

Anyone can solve my doubts? Is this a standard behaviour or it can be driven by customising?

Thanks in advance,