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Nov 15, 2020 at 10:43 AM

what's the difference between SYSTEM db using multi and non-multi container connections

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I re-did my work, see new version below.

This is an edit of my original question

This time i have screen shot my connections in studio. Same order as above.

  1. Use the plain old way non-tenant "HXE(SYSTEM)" (left)
  2. Use the multi-tenant method (not using SYSTEMDB option), specifically naming the SYSTEMDB tenant , "SYSTEMDB@HXE (SYSTEM)" (middle)
  3. Use the multitenant method (using SYSTEMDB option), "SYSTEMDB@HXE (SYSTEM)" (right)

I can see the two ways of accessing the SYSTEMDB via the multi-tenant yields the same results, however, as you can see with the old way, it still gives different results. The older way does not have the 5 "SYS_..." Schemas. How comes as we are still using SYSTEM user and there is only one system therefore one SYSTEMDB (as this is a HANA 2.0 install). I was expecting the older connection to still be able to see everything including the 5 "SYS_..." Schemas.

Am I making myself clear? Do you see what I mean ?