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Nov 18, 2020 at 03:17 PM

Content Server- SQLConnect failed - Invalid Command State


Dear experts

Recently I have installed a SAP Content Server (7.53) with MaxDB 7.9 on SLES 15 SP1

When creating access the server info file, I get the following error:

contRepStatus="offline";contRepStatusDescription="SQLConnect failed (DBPARAMETERS): [SAP AG][LIBSDBOD SO][SAP MaxDB] General error;-10210 Invalid command state (No prepared SQL command), ec=-10210, rc=-1

This is my file:

Also when checking OAC0 I am able to connect to the repositories, but they are showing as offline.

I am able to connect to the database in MaxDB studio and use SQL editor, so it's not an issue with accessing the database I think.

Help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance!



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