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Nov 17, 2020 at 07:15 PM

WorkItem being reserved by User even if user is unable to find that in SBWP


HI Team,

I am currently working in an RPA process where we automate SAP process.

Currently we are having issues with finding an Work Item in SAP Business Workplace table. (SBWP-> Inbox)

Initially when trying to find an Work Item in SBWP workflow Inbox we get "No Hits Displayed 0" and unable to find WorkItem.

So in that case there is no way that the WorkItem to be reserved by user.

But after a while when we try to check in SBWP again we are able to find the WorkItem, but it doesn't appear for any other user.

When it was unable to find the Work item in first place there was no way of the WorkItem to be reserved and when we get again not sure why it is being visible only to one user and not other users.

Also when the WorkItem appears and when i click on the Work Item just once i don't have the "Replace" button disabled. It is not automatically enabled.