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Nov 16, 2020 at 08:09 AM

No voice after call establishment


Hi ,

We have installed and configured the SAP contact Center and we are testing the system, however we are facing the below issues related to voice, and one more important point is CDT is in different network and contact center is in different network.

1. When we are calling from one CDT to another CDT with in a same network, there is no issue, both agents are able speak without any issue.

2. When we are calling from one CDT to another CDT with different network, there is a issue, agents are not able here, but call is active, that means signal is establishing.

3. When we are making a outgoing call ( public PSTN number ) from CDT ( CDT and Contact Center is different networks ) , the call is establishing, but after the call establishing, there is no voice, but call is active some time .

4. For inbound call ( from public PSTN to the )also we have same issue , that is call is establishing and it is active some time, but no voice agent is not able to here any thing.

5. Keeping the above 3 and 4 points : we have tested one more scenario also i.e. SAP contact center and CDT in the same network, however we are facing same issue i.e. call is establishing, but there is no voice .

6.CDT logs show call is connected , CEM logs also not showing any error.

Could some one help on the same.

Thanks in advance.

Ajay G