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Nov 12, 2020 at 05:18 PM

S4 1909 - Account assignment Object - Fixed Assets

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Hell All,

I just wanted to share an experience that I have acquired from a usual error we have faced, although I could be able to fix it…I still have a question as I am missing the rationale for it.

The error that we had faced was ‘Account XXXXX is missing cost object’ in depreciation run. Usually, it causes in either of these three scenarios, 1) when the cost centre is missing on asset master 2) when additional account assignment object KOSTL is not active or 3) account is missing as CE.

In our case we have met all the three above, still the error had appeared. And then as we all know there is another config where we can config ‘Specify Account Assignment Types for Account Assignment Objects’ where we specify the account assignment objectives against depreciation areas. However, as per my knowledge, we don’t need this step as SAP delivers standard functionality in here such as company code ‘*’ and two generic depreciation areas (00 and 01). What sap says is that generic company code (*) applies to all company codes and depreciation area 00 is valid for all depreciation areas other than 01. The settings for generic depreciation area 01 are valid in all company codes for depreciation area 01.

However, we could finally able surpass the error after configuring the above step with our company code and depreciation areas for Cost centre, PC, and segment for APC and Depreciation for which I am missing the rationale for and it contradicts what SAP said.

Does anybody has faced this situation before? I would like to know the rationale behind this.