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Nov 12, 2020 at 11:54 AM

Field missing in Asynchronous response API structure


Hi Experts,

We have an integration flow S4->CPI->SFDC.

I have a situation in which I have to suppress the message (Service Contract Reponse (Aync)) , from S4 based on who is the receiver.

I see in Communication arrangement that we set both sender (S4 by default) and receiver(we set), but the paylaod what comes out of S4 does not have the recipient field , which should come since the wsdl file of response has it.

Any idea how I can bring that ?

Please see the screen shots.

In the below screenshot the Contract response API has these fields under header.

But the response payload which we receive from S4 has below fields in header. RecipientBusinessSystemID missing.

In the communication arrnagement the receiver is given in communication systems field.Any idea how I can bring the field in reponse paylaod?

Thanks in advance.


ss2png.png (66.4 kB)
ss1.png (35.8 kB)
ss3.png (72.1 kB)