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Nov 11, 2020 at 05:14 PM

Why Tax Exemption within Master Data do not apply automatically on operational documents?


Hello everybody,

despite the fact I've maintained Tax Data within a Customer Master Data, the system is not retrieving the information into sales documents automatically and we need to change it manually item by item within the operation document.

I know the tax determination tree is really complicated and it is not suggested to change the standard behaviour, but it is really common in this current scenario to get Business Partner Data free from VAT Payment. Indeed, the related TAX code is available in the list but I do not find any way to automatize this selection.

It goes beyond from tax determination, it is something the system asks me to maintain within the financial data but then it does not take that under consideration in operational documents.

Questions now:

- Why should I maintain the information?

- Is there a way to automatize Tax Code according to specific Tax Exemptions?

- Are there any workaround that does not impact on the Tax Determination Tree?

(Note: We know that customer side this could be reached by maintaining Tax Exemption Certificate ID but:

- it is a limited validity and the system does not have a reminder to update it, so the risk that expires and the system restart taking the standard tax code is high and we cannot afford that

- This is not true when dealing with Suppliers. Even if we maintain the certificate, the tax determination happens independently.)

Any idea?

Thanks in advance!