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Nov 10, 2020 at 07:24 PM

More than one button does not work at the same time in my Fiori screen

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Hi everyone. I'm designing a screen in Fiori. There will be different buttons on the screen. More than one button does not work in the same runtime. For example;

When I click this button, a dialog opens.
Here I save datas and exit.

Then when I click on the first screen different button it doesn't work. I need to refresh to page it work.

Dialog screens are each like this:

_getlisanEkleDialog: function () {
			if (!this._oLisanEkleDialog) {
				this._oLisanEkleDialog = sap.ui.xmlfragment("projeler.ozgecmisUygulamasi.fragment.lisanEkle", this);
				this.getView().addDependent(this._oLisanEkleDialog);"sapUiSizeCompact", this.getView(), this._oLisanEkleDialog);
			return this._oLisanEkleDialog;

I checked the nomenclatures, couldn't find any mistakes. What is my problem?