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Nov 12, 2020 at 07:53 AM

Multiple Custom UI not working in My Inbox : SCP Workflow in CF


Hi All,

I have 3 User Tasks in my workflow. 2 User Tasks utilize the common UI which is a custom UI5 App; is not a part of the workflow form functionality. This UI is working fine in the My Inbox application.

The 3rd User Task has a form based custom UI which should get triggered on the basis of some condition, However; this form based UI is not available on the My Inbox app when the respective condition is triggered. However, I can see in the Monitor Workflow Instances app that the user task is available; but it does not show up in the My Inbox App.

Also, There are no errors in the console. Any idea what could be the issue ?

Archana Shukla Tobias Breyer - Any suggestions guys?