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Nov 10, 2020 at 08:30 PM

ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS while accessing WebDynpro apps


Hello experts,

We are currently experiencing the following error while accessing Wendympro apps in Fiori Launchpad, though SAP Web Dispatcher.


After following KBA “2455435 - WebDynpro app redirects too many times and fails to load via Fiori Launchpad”, the issue still persists.

The following RFCs have been maintained and the three of them are pointing to the correct backend client (170):

  • S4EAM_RFC (3) à Backend
  • S4EAM_HTTP (H) àSAP Web Dispatcher
  • S4EAM_HTTPS (H) àSAP Web Dispatcher

Also, the sub parameter “CLNT=XXX” has been removed from the parameter belonging to the backend but with no result.

The above sub parameter had been added to both, Frontend (FE) and Backend (BE) since respective working clients are different: FE:200 vs BE:170.

Could you please suggest what else to check in order to solve the above mentioned error?

Also, please let me know in case extra details are required in order to clarify the current scenario.

Thanks and regards.